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As a Milab super soldier I offer a variety of services. The First would be Martial Arts Training from the art of Osirian Ninjutsu. I also can provide with psychic healing/Counciling through the Akashic Records as well as provide intelligence reports on any subject as a psychic intelligence gatherer.

This school is based on any student learning their innate hidden potential and then Mastering themselves through the Heroes Journey which is also known as the path to the Holy Grail. This school will unlock dormant parts of the brain through rigorous discipline and the learning and understanding of extraordinary knowledge.


Martial Arts Training

Learn the Art of Osirian Ninjutsu which includes, Muay ThaI, Wrestling, Boxing, Kick Boxing and Jiu Jitsu 

Psychic Healing

Through the Royal Art of Alchemy learn how to heal yourself.

Remote View

Learn to see things regardless of time space and dimension.

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