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How To Save America, 


Battlefield Earth 


The American Dream is dead, this is because it has been killed by the Rich Elite dynastic families that have held power in perpetuity throughout Mellina to our extreme detriment and their maximum advantage. It is clear now, OUR Earth is a waste land because of them, and they control everything, they are also big brother. They are “They”. They are known as the Elite and to the Pythagorean Illuminati they are known as Organization 6006. They are the rich and powerful that control all industries and affairs of the world through media, government, military, entertainment, education, technology, and banking, they are the reason for the events that are happening in the world. They are the Puppe masters that are pulling the strings from behind the veil. To the Pythagorean Illuminati they are known as the Old World Order. They are the globalists that have spread their tentacles across the world. They are the Darkness, and they don’t care about us at all. They operate in a completely separate reality from our own and they exist. Nothing in this world is more important than overthrowing them and taking away their power. And the Enlightened ones, the Pythagorean Illuminati have been opposing them for Mellina. The Illuminati are the Answer to changing the world. They Have been responsible for the revolutions of the past. The Revolutions that have changed the world.  

The OWO have been able to control us through different means. The main ways of control are through economics, politics and religion. Through economics they control us through predatory Zionist  Free market Capitalism. Which in no way is benefiting the people of our country. It has allowed a small 1 % to accumulate all the wealth and leave us, THE PEOPLE with nothing. That is why we live on battlefield Earth and we will live her until we change the system that is responsible for the creation of the world we live in. We live in a world that was been controlled by Satanic means, but we can save the world . We can save America, but we must demand for a change in the system and politically the answer for the failure of democracy is meritocracy and the first thing that must happen for a meritocracy to be established is for there to be 100 percent inheritance tax. This is the only way that we will be able to take bake the money from the Elite and this will end their reign and there ability to keep their power and pass it down and maintain privilege in positions of power and keep merit from being in leadership. Democracy is if fact a disguised plutocracy it is for the elite by the elite and it is no longer in anyway a government by the people for the people. It has been corrupted by free and competition and we the people have suffered greatly because of their decisions. The first way is by making it a law by the government obtaining their assets when they die and their assets being used for the common wealth and for something good like education. And with the people that are leading that have obtained there positions because of actually demonstrable merit have been put in to positions the best decisions will be made on what to do with ones assets to assist the community. The OWO have been able to mind control us into believing that not having 100 percent inheritance tax is good. This again has allowed the 1 percent to accumulate all the wealth and pass it down and allow people heiresses like Paris Hilton to inherit millions of dollars and become someone of influence in the world. Did she earn that! This is how privilege amd inheritance  works and this is how those families have kept all the money and become dynasties. And this is how they will always have an unfair advantage over us until we do something about it. They own EVERYTHING! WE HAVE ALLOWED THEM TO TAKE EVERYTHING from us and keep it. They have left nothing for us and we don’t even have anything to pass on. The only ones in truth that should oppose this is the Elite because this one thing will literally take their power away and give it back to the people. This is how they keep privilege in control positions and win our over merit every year and this is what our democracy has been infected with and the antidote and solution for Dumbocracy is Meritocracy. It’s time for 100 percent inheritance tax and it time for the people that deserve to be in leadership position to be there. It’s time for democracy to be replaced by a Meritocratic Republic.   

Imagine Star Trek, that’s what a meritocracy looks like that can be our future. It’s possible… we just have to want it. In fact it will only take 10 percent of the population learning about what the real New world Order is and that’s a New World a world completely opposite from our own this counter Earth is known as Antichon and it exists. It is the world of Tomorrowland and it is our future. They  have selfishly kept this world away from us for Mellina. But we have to take it back from them like they have taken it from us and establish 100 percent inheritance tax. Doing this will not only stop the rich from passing on their power but it will be able to allow us access to another world. And be able to then implement a new political system and replace corrupt democracy with Meritocracy replace Predatory Free market Capitalism with National Capitalism and replace the Abrahamic religions that billions around the world worship with Illumination. And we can have A New World Order where the power is restored back to the people and privilege is replaced by merit, it’s time to wake up and join the fight. The fight for our future. Most won’t answer the call to adventure. They are known as the Ignavi. But there are a few that will have the courage to step into the extraordinary world. We are the people and this is our planet. And there is an ancient secret society that has always fought against the Old World Order and they are known as the Enlightened Ones. And their light has always shone through the darkness for the ages. Its Time for a change. Its time to take the power away from the Elite dynastic families that controlled the world. The First step to do that is to implement 100 percent inheritance tax so that we gain regain the wealth of the Elite and it can be then used for the greater good in a government that is designed to raise the people up to their maximum potential and through demonstrable merit  raise themselves up and contribute to a society of the future. 

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