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The Immortals Keep is an Ancient Mystery School founded on the teachings of the Illuminati. Ever since mystery began it has been rumored that man has the ability to have supernatural powers. Through the I ching and the Tarot, the ability to tell the future, Through alchemy destiny and Immortality and through witchcraft the ability to cast spells and perform magic. This school is a Ninja school.

Anthony Zender

Master Teacher


I am Anthony I am 32 years old. I am an Agent for a corporation that trains super soldiers for the White Dragon Society. I Have been involved in Black Operations for 16 years for Department of Navel Intelligence.  


Master Teacher


Ramtha The Enlightened One is a higher dimensional being that lived on Earth 35,000 years ago in Lemuria. In that lifetime he did not die... he ascended to an existence that would bewilder most but he is here to show us how we get from here to there.

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